The Deaf & Hearing Ensemble is passionate about providing opportunities for Deaf and hearing artists to try out new pieces in front of an audience. We would like artists to make these pieces accessible to both Deaf and hearing audience members.

Our first accessible event was at Genesis Cinema in early 2015 and it was a mix of short films, performances, installations and games to raise money for our show People of the Eye. Highlights included the short film Retreat by Ted Evans and performances by Brian Duffy, Ace Mahbaz and Stephen Collins.

This was followed by a second event at Genesis Cinema in early 2016, potentially the first Accessible Scratch Night for both Deaf & Hearing artists

We wanted to create an opportunity for Deaf artists to try new work in front of a mixed audience of Deaf and hearing, as well as encouraging artists and companies to create work which is accessible. 

The artists featured were Charmaine Wombwell, Hermi Berhane, Sapphire Joy, Bea Webster (Glasgow), Rachael Merry, Speechless Theatre, Gal Nor (Berlin), Raymond Antrobus. The evening was hosted by Tessa Parr and David Sands, and produced by Erin Siobhan Hutching and Jennifer K. Bates with support from Tower Hamlets London Borough Council.

The night was sold out and received this glowing review.